"On the day Shaun just felt like one of our guests, he managed to capture all of our special moments and also lots of those moments that are often missed on such a very special day."

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Fully Booked 2017

Last week marked five years since I registered Shaun Rose Photography as a business. I honestly didn’t know if this was just going to be a fad and I would soon get sick of doing it, or if people just wouldn’t be interested in hiring me. I look back now and I am blown...

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2016-17 Wedding Giveaway

2016 will mark 5 years since I first registered my business. When I started, I was just like the shy person at school, I half put up my hand to say, ok here I am, I’ll give this a go and probably do a couple of weddings a year. I never thought that 5...

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Fully Booked 2016

I know when I get a certain look from my wife that I have booked enough weddings for the coming year. Having 3 kids under 10 and working a full time job I only take on a certain amount of weddings per year. I am now fully booked for 2016 and it is going to...

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