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2023 Wedding Giveaway

GETTING MARRIED IN 2023? Last weekend I clocked up 10 years of having my photography business. No way! 10 years… lol. I still have no idea why I started a photography business! Initially, I was just photographing my mates surfing and one day, it sort of just happened. But honestly, it’s been amazing. I could...

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Fully booked for weddings 2021... let's talk about 2022.

Even though 2020 has turned out the way it has so far, it still has so, so much more to offer; the end of this year is going to be awesome!!! With all the bookings I have taken lately I think I need to call it for wedding bookings in 2021. I...

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2021 Bookings have started!!

2021 bookings have already started in a flurry! I already have more bookings for 2021 than I've had for any other year at the same time. With 2020 to be my biggest year ever, 2021 is already throwing me some amazing wedding destinations. I have one spot left for 2020 and once that...

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